Welcome, Sue Jereczek

Sue Jereczek on location for "Welcome to the Jungle"

Sue Jereczek on location for “Welcome to the Jungle”

The Barewitness Players are thrilled to announce the addition of Sue Jerezcek to our team! The bay area native, and long time Barewitness friend, has joined us for several past projects, including Welcome to the Jungle, The City and The Big Kick. An inspired photographer and dedicated cinematographer, Sue brings a wealth of creative talent to the fold. Welcome Sue, we are honored to have you on board!

Barewitness Players

(clockwise from top left) Kerry Gudjohnsen, Marie Bouquet Hay, Jan Probst, Sue Jereczek, Mark Rachel, Matthew Gardner, Stan Stone, Glenda Solis. Members not pictured: Robin McLeod, Alex Alexander, Anna Elder

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