Robin McLeod

Robin McLeodActor • Cinematographer

Robin McLeod began his eclectic production career in Virginia shooting commercials and news, then moved to San Francisco to shoot news and programming for KRON and concert video for PRG Productions. In his touring years Robin circled the globe many times with legendary performers like the Rolling Stones, The Who, David Bowie, Elton John, Michael Jackson, and many others. He also worked closely with San Francisco State University cinema professor Jameson Goldner teaching directing and film production. Robin’s feature cinematography credits include Barewitness’s IPO and two projects with Final Cut Pro designer Michael Wohl: the award-winning short Theatereality and the hi-tech nightmare Want. He currently produces video for Virginia Commonwealth University. Robin is a founding member, director of photography, story consultant, and former artistic director of Barewitness, and can occasionally be coaxed from behind the camera to misbehave as an actor.


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